Skin Haul

I must admit, I'm a bit obsessed with skincare. Ever since the horrible acne spell earlier this year I have been searching  for my perfect (acne treatment) skincare regime - which I will save for another post.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me share my Myer haul. I suggest you visit Melody at the Bobbi Brown counter in Myer Rundle Mall. A while ago she worked her magic on me. Honestly at first I hated it. I've never been a foundation girl. The reasons being, 1. I always look cakey and fake, and 2. I gave up, stuck to my Makeup Forever HD concealer & haven't looked since. Needless to say, when I got home my skin looked amazZZzing. It just had to settle in? 

Anyway, since I've been rewarding myself for officially becoming a teacher I've been spending a lot of money. Money that I don't have... yet. ;)


Polyform Photography is Live

I'm so proud of my baby. We started out as "fashion" bloggers and have since ventured into our own areas of interests. Christian has always wanted to take his photography more seriously but starting a new job has made it difficult until now.

For a glimps of what he can do, check out his website: polyformphotography.com
or christianpolychronis.com

For photography enquiries, he can be reached at info@polyformphotography.com.au 

Anne x

Round Stack Rings

I've had this silly chest infection for over a fortnight. It's now a lousy cough but I'm feeling a lot better. 
Slowly but surely, I have been working on some new ring designs. What do you think?

Anne x


Mystic Colour

I have an obsession with anything rainbow, colour-change, iridescent, metallic green, jade [anything green - my favourite colour!], hologram, mystic, titanium-rainbow-colour-coated-whats-it-called blah blah, stuff. 

The first couple of photos are colour changing mood rings that I make, the mystic topaz stones are STILL waiting to be set and made into jewellery [when I can be bothered], 5th and 6th photo are iPhone cases that I've been eyeing [the are Adopted - pricey for plastic], the 3D Yoda watch is a collectable [I like Yoda, and Star Wars characters but find the movies boring - sorry C], and then there's my fave CDG jewel wallets. Yes. I have a back up.

To be honest, I don't wear a lot of colour (even green), and jewellery but its something I like making. Its my hobby. It makes me happy.


DIY Diary Cover

I wanted a large diary this year, larger than A5 and smaller than A4. You don't know how picky/annoying/diaryzilla I was!

Last year I had a Star Wars Moleskine. It would have been perfect as it had the week ok the left and ruled lines on the right, but it was too small! I contemplated numerous other brands including; Teneues Cool Diary (from the year before), and a Japanese brand from Notemaker.com.au (I forget the brand, but it was made of linen with vinyl slip cover). I was even close to purchasing the Moleskine Professional XL hardcover diary but forking $70+ is too much for a poor student who budgets for $3 max lunches.

So behold, the solution to all my problems; the Moleskine XL diary Softcover. SOFTCOVER?? How I got over that hurdle, is my little DIY above. I stitched a plastic sheet (clear vinyl from SpotLight) onto it with wool. It took me forever, and my fingers are still hurting. My tip is to firstly pierce larger holes using a pin tack (the pins for cork boards) so that the needle can squeeze through easier.

What do you think?


I'm eating but still here

Instagram is my choice for daily meal inspiration (or envy) and for most other inspirations. What I do is search for a hashtag (eg. #adelaide #foodie #burger #sweetpotatochips), scroll down and ta da - instant tummy rumble. So next time while you're drowning your phone in drool, say hi to me @annesanchorage !


Scary Cool

With Halloween just a few days away let's just say I saved these photos for this occasion. C and I had so much fun running around the streets of Hong Kong at 1am and experimenting with double exposure and dark make up.